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Projeto de Vida

The Cairo without Caries Program mains supply dental treatment access to the children in risk situation at Cairo City, Egypt.

Almost 70% of Cairo children have some caries experience without treatment; 80% suffer some periodontal disease. Minimal attention is being given to primary prevention, both at the individual and professional levels.


WHO performed a Study in 2014 showing that 77% of people examined in Cairo do not brush the teeth periodically, 38% never brush their teeth and only 48% use dental cream. More than 85% of individuals did not present adequate techniques of teeth brushing considered by dentists. A service that should be offered routinely to all individuals, individually or in the community. The study highlighted the profound disparities in oral health in the population of Egypt. There is a clear lack of oral health prevention policy in Egypt.


HAJA has an extensive experience working with children at risk in Cairo and we understand that there are many needs and urgencies, knowing their realities well.  We have understood the importance of access to oral health, as a child's right, contributing to their well-being and quality of life. The project offers training for Egyptian professionals, curative and preventive treatment for children at risk.

We need your help today!

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