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Cozinha Solidária

HAJA is promoting, through unity and cooperation, opportunities for mutual growth, where the individual is affected as he sees the collective. Since we have been working and implementing projects in the community of Morro do Borel for more than 20 years, in the areas of Education, Health and Citizenship, we see the importance of the next step, based on ecological and economic sustainability.


The project has its basic concept in Social Ecology where one understands the Individual, the human being, in the center - in the main focus. In sustainable ecology, we create opportunities that stimulate and support recycling, reducing consumption through lectures and small projects. As a second focus, but not least, we provide the necessary resources so that individuals and families can live with a decent quality of life.


From the understanding that we are an integral part of the planet, we understand our individual responsibility to care, expanding it to our community.


Currently, we have developed recycling of solid waste material, which nowadays sustainably supports two families in the community who lived on less than half a minimum wage. However, we believe that this initiative needs to expand, and have as a fundamental pillar ecological sustainability for the development of citizen awareness and income generation, bringing a return to the community at the three levels: individual, micro setting (family) and macro scenario (as a community).

We need your help today!

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