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Helping Children & Families in Combating Extreme Poverty

Objectives, Vision & Commitments

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The aim of the project is to combat school dropouts, describe the problems that prevent students from progressing in their studies, analyze the causes of age/grade distortion in local schools, with a continuous focus on intervention planning with actions that guarantee the correction of this flow.

Income Generation

Through our carpentry, we provide access to formal work and vocational courses for residents of Jardim Gramacho, with the aim of contributing to the inclusive economy of the community, providing access to  job market and increasing family income.


Solidarity Kitchen

Our Solidarity Kitchen offers healthy food through a community lunch and distributes more than 180 lunches to the residents of Jardim Gramacho.


Life Project

The objective of the project is to contribute to the promotion of social and emotional skills for entering the job market, the integral development of adolescents, building goals and paths for professional fulfillment and combating extreme poverty by offering the necessary conditions for entering the job market. work.


See below some indicators of our projects carried out in 2018


Families assisted by our Social Service


Children with access to Non-formal Education


Meals served


Total direct Beneficiaries


Total indirect Beneficiaries

4 Pillars






Our program is based on enabling community efforts to be organized around
social development, granting an adequate standard of living in regard to their

We provide access to education, empowering individuals to build their future, and thus improving their chances of living outside the poverty zone.

We provide essential care and services to enable children and their families to acknowledge their potential, and become integrated members of society with rights, duties, opportunities and a future.

Economic development in different communities can be complex and selective. One of our priorities is to ensure the provision of resources where they usually do not arrive, which is different than assistance practices.


"My story with the "Vejo um Jardim" Project began in 2015 when I went to visit Pedro and Nadia in Rio de Janeiro. I spent very few hours in Gramacho, but it was enough to mark my life and make me want to return. In 2017 I was able to take a group of young people from IBAB and carry out a social project. We were 22 people in Gramacho, and it was an incredible opportunity to perceive and recognize a GARDEN in what is usually referred to as a dump. In those days, I met children, teenagers, young people, adults and old people with incredible stories. And I was able to experience the extraordinary reality of seeing gardens amid chaos. We saw gardens which that are not defined by an environment or natural beauty, but mainly by the beauty of the people and their stories. I thank Pedro and Nadia for offering me this chance and for blessing me, just as they bless those gardens in Gramacho."

Andre Saldiba

Writer, Idealizer of the Movement of Joy in Chaos, IBAB Pastor


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"Charity is the only treasure that increases by dividing it.“ 

Cesare Cantú

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  • Visita ao Projeto HAJA
    Visita ao Projeto HAJA
    Jardim Gramacho
    À Definir
    Jardim Gramacho, Jardim Gramacho, Duque de Caxias - RJ, Brasil
    Participe das nossas atividades e conheça as famílias e crianças integrantes do Projeto HAJA. Take part in our activities and get to know the families and children who are members of the HAJA Project.

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Help Children and Families to get out of Extreme Poverty
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